Something tells me you're at a crossroads.

Big changes are happening in your life and you are looking for resources, direction and reassurance.

Since you're here, right now, I predict one of the following:

  • You need help landing that amazing job.
  • You have a stagnant career and your passion has disappeared.
  • You're career transitioning into a new direction.
  • You're suddenly jobless and need guidance.
  • You want to take that next step in your career.
  • You're kick-starting your career after a break.

No matter your reason, you are looking to live an AMAZING life full of PASSION and PURPOSE. 


Grow My Career is my passion project which helps women blend heart and mind to create career bliss and brilliantly balanced lives. 

There are a few things you should know about me:

 I believe you have unique talents and abilities.

I believe you deserve happiness and contentment.

I believe we all do the best we can with the resources and knowledge we have. You just need the RIGHT resources and knowledge!

I am passionate about helping you find clarity and purpose to live life in a meaningful way.

I am committed to providing information and creating resources that will add tangible value to your career and life.

I want to help you find an inspiring job so you can have a sustainable heart-centred career.


Hey, My name is Kate J Parker and my mission is to blend heart and mind to help women create a career that is inspiring and rewarding.

How did I end up here?

Friends, family and acquaintances were always asking for help with workplace and career issues.

You see, I have worked in Human Resources for 17 years, with a strong focus on talent identification and development. 

I soon realised I could share my wealth of knowledge and experience so others can have a successful career. Most people have the technical capability to do their jobs well. Unfortunately, they lack the skills and behaviours to be positively noticed as talent in the workplace.

But there's more to my story:

Two major life events shaped the WAY I want to help grow careers. 

In 2007 I hit rock bottom. I fell into severe depression. In the last 10 years I have gone from barely functioning to flourishing. I now live my life with balance, authenticity, and passion.

My journey has changed the way I view living. I no longer see careers as a way to boost ego's, but rather as a piece of the puzzle needed to live a heart-centred life.  

It isn't just about finding and doing a job. It is about being authentic and spending each day performing activities that are meaningful to you. 

If you are a dreamer, happiness junkie or awesomeness seeker - you will love my sister website Viva La Me. It is jam packed full of information to live a happy and authentic life. 

After having my first daughter in 2013, I came to understand the challenges women face in the workplace. 

This fuelled my desire to help my fellow females find career bliss through satisfying but balanced careers.

Us women have a MUCH harder time growing great careers. We are under-represented in senior positions and in many industries, PLUS we receive a lower salary on average than our male colleagues. 

So, I want to help YOU balance heart and mind and create career bliss.

If you are interested, I provide information and resources on job searching, career growth, career planning, career transitioning, networking, personal branding and everything in between!