Success Mindset: How To Overcome Fear When Job Hunting

success mindset when job hunting

Creating a success mindset when job hunting can be hard, especially when FEAR is the predominate emotion that drives the job search process.

Fear blocks a success mindset. It is much harder to achieve a positive outcome when fear-based beliefs motivate our behaviour. Let’s break this down:

Our beliefs impact our thoughts.

Our thoughts drive our behaviour.

Our behaviour impacts our job search performance.

If we can identify WHY we are fearful, we can challenge our beliefs and create a success mindset instead.

Common Fears When Job Searching


Fear of Scarcity – We fear there are not enough jobs for everyone. We are in competition with other job seekers for the perfect job and worry we will miss out.


Fear of Rejection– There is a high probability we will face rejection when job hunting. There are many stages to pass through to get a job offer and we could have our applications rejected at any of those stages. This can create anxiety in many people because it is hard not to take rejection as a personal attack on self-worth.


Fear of Embarrassment – When job searching you make yourself vulnerable. You are putting yourself ‘out there’ in the hope that an employer will see value in your skills. It can be embarrassing if your friends and family see this vulnerability, especially if faced with rejection and a long job search.


Fear of Insecurity – If you are job searching when unemployed, you face the added fear of financial insecurity. You may be in a situation where you are desperate to find a job so you can pay your bills.


Fear of Failure – If you are looking for career advancement, you may fear that you have reached your potential and not skilled enough to step up.


Imposter Syndrome – this exposes the belief of ‘not being good enough’.


Fear of Success – This one is harder to spot, but many of us have a hidden fear of success. We like the idea of succeeding but the reality of it is fearful. T his can often be traced back to a fear of ‘not being good enough’.


Creating a Success Mindset

“What you focus on you create”.

Thoughts are not real. They are not the truth. They are just thoughts. That is why we can ‘change our minds’ because thoughts are not set in concrete.

But thoughts will become our reality if we accept them as the absolute truth.

Our fear based beliefs will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, if we allow fear to drive our job search. We have absolute power to make our fears come alive.

So how do we stop our fear-based beliefs and create a success mindset?


Step One: Identify fear based beliefs

We can’t change our mindset if we have no idea what needs to be fixed.

There may be a multitude of fears driving your job search. Now is the time to dig deep and find them.

You can download the ‘Create A Success Mindset’ worksheet to uncover your fear based job search beliefs.


Step Two: Find the ‘faulty thinking’ that fuels the beliefs.

We tend to accept our beliefs as the truth. But beliefs are thoughts and are not real.

By identifying the faulty thinking behind our beliefs, we can start to re-frame them and create a success mindset.

You can download the ‘Create A Success Mindset’ worksheet to identify the faulty thinking behind your beliefs.

Step Three: Replace fear based beliefs with success based beliefs.

 Now is the time to create new beliefs that support a success mindset. These beliefs are positive and support your goal of a successful job search.

To reinforce these beliefs, turn them into affirmations you can use throughout the day.

You can download the ‘Create A Success Mindset’ worksheet to create new beliefs and supporting affirmations.


Step Four: Set a ‘success’ vision

Who doesn’t like a good day dream?

Spend as much time as you need visualising your ideal outcome. How do you want your job search to unfold? What is your ideal job search outcome?

Sit on the sofa, close your eyes and imagine these scenarios coming alive.

You can download the ‘Create A Success Mindset’ worksheet to record your success vision. 

Step Five: Monitor thoughts

This is the most important step.

Focus only on what you want. Keep your visualisation active and be relentless with monitoring your thoughts.

Push away any thoughts that creep in and threaten to jeopardise your vision.

If you can keep your vision clear, your thoughts free of fear, and say success affirmation daily, you will create a robust success mindset and have a positive job search outcome.

Step Six: Celebrate the small wins!

By celebrating small accomplishments and successes, you train your brain to focus on the positive rather than dwell on the negative


A few additional tips:

Not every job is right for you. But there is a job out there that is a good fit. You will find it!

Also, rejection isn’t a measure of your self-worth. If you don’t get a job it just wasn’t the right job at the right time for you.

You may be rejected- numerous times. Think of each rejection as a step closer to finding the perfect job.

Finally, Think of each setback as a learning opportunity. Analyse what did, and didn’t work and try a new approach.

Good luck! 

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Download the ‘Success Mindset’ worksheet here and set yourself up for a successful job search!

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